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Education Background

National Solidarity Pledge

I solemnly pledge to work with dedication to preserve and reinforce the liberty and integrity of the nation. I further assert that I shall never resort to violence which all differences and disputes concerning religion, language, region or other political or economic grievances should be settled by peaceful and constitutional means. In their well being and opulence alone lies my happiness.

Education Background

Welcome to Bharat Sevak Samaj

Bharat Sevak Samaj is the National Development Agency promoted by the design Commission, Government of India to make definite public co-operation for implementing government plans. The charter and functioning of Bharat Sevak Samaj is permitted unanimously by the Indian Parliament. BSS was recognized with a mission to need education to the doorsteps of the learners, enhancing public equality and creating flexibility for lifetime education.

BSS extends vocational training Programmes with a duration varying from 1 to 2 years under the BSS National vocational training Mission. These programmes are delivered through its Vocational and IT Education Institutes which are well established with sufficient modern infrastructure facilities and in-house training facilities

Ten point oath for the Youth of the Nation

About Us & History

About Us

The Bharat Sevak Samaj was sponsored by the Planning Commission, Government of India, in the background first Five Year Plan

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After winning the war of independence with a shocking division of our motherland separting Pakistan as another state,

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